The Slumberettes

Something in the Washing Powder?

Join your favorite sleepy & creepy ladies as they talk Peter Strickland’s surreal horror movie, In Fabric. And… rashes. Yeah. Skin rashes. Gross. Spoilers ahead!

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Ghost Stories Part 2

MOAR true ghost stories from the ghouls & listeners! Crack open some jiffy pop & put on your fuzzy socks. Tome to get scary…

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Trailer Trash

This week, we take a break from the dumpster fire that is 2019 (“that’s just a trash can”) and look ahead to the upcoming year in fear! Join us as we discuss our reactions to some of the most talked about trailers for 2020. Women will be wonder-ing, ghosts will be busted, and you’ll be…

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All of Them Witches

Happy Birthday to our Lit Witch! Tonight the Slumberettes chat about Sandra’s favorite movie of all time: Rosemary’s Baby! Put on your comfy clothes and geek out with these ghouls. Alternate episode title: Rosemary’s Baby Yoda.

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Submitted For Your Approval

It wouldn’t be a real spooky slumber party without some good ghost stories! On this episode, the Slumberettes play “Two Truths and a Lie”, ghost story style. See if you can guess which are real and which is a freaky fabrication! We also read some listener-submitted stories to guarantee we get #nosleep tonight.

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Welcome, fiends, to another slumber party! The ghouls chat about the horrors of black friday, invent a new cryptid, and lose their minds over Disney+. No matter how you celebrate (or don’t) this holiday weekend, just know your hostesses are thankful you’re spending it with them. (awwwww)

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