The Slumberettes

Let’s Talk Tusk

It’s an exposure therapy session for Emma (aka The Derby Devil) on tonight’s show! The ghouls talk Kevin Smith’s Tusk. Spoilers ahoy! 27

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Horror Crushes

Slumber party tradition: telling your friends who your crushes are. Spooky Slumber Party tradition: the same, but make it horror.

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The ghoulish trio reviews 2017’s creepy teen demon film Pyewacket. Turn off the lights and be careful what you say… someone may be listening…

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Let’s Talk Urban Legends

Your favorite ghoulish trio talks urban legends and current affairs. Socially distant spooky slumber party?! You know it.

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Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun

Your favorite creeps chat about the TV, movies, and witchy treasures they’ve been enjoying. Oh – and Twilight, They went there.

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Let’s Tell Some Spooky Tales

We are reporting live from lockdown. This is a surreal and sad time, we don’t need to tell you that. But! We thought we would lighten the mood by talking about some real life scary stories! Pull the covers up to your chin and let us entertain you.

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